Forty-one American poets respond to the poetry and life of the great Peruvian poet Cesar Vallejo. This anthology includes poetic homage, variations on a theme and imitations of this seminal 20th century master by such poets as Donald Justice, Philip Levine, Larry Levis, Luis Omar Salinas, Pamela Stewart and Charles Wright. Each poet has also written a prose complement in which they discuss Vallejo's influence on their own work and on contemporary American poetry.

Thoughts on Homage to Vallejo:

This collection of poems will be, in some small part, a witness to the great and enduring life, poetry and soul of Cesar Vallejo.

In 1965, living in Barcelona, I read Cesar Vallejo's poems in Spanish for the first time....Before that year was over, I knew I'd unearthed one of the great American visionaries, a man in possession of a biblical indignation and a terrifying tenderness...anyone who writes can be inspired by his daring and his capacity for invention.



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