In the Face of It is a limted edition fine art book printed letterpress in 11 point Dante on Rives Heavyweight, and bound in handmade paper produced at the press in the spring of 2008. Spine features “printing on the fold” technique. Original woodcuts were created and printed by Gary Young.

In the Face of It was bound and published by C & C Press. Visit C & C's web site to find out more about the making of In the Face of it.

Take a look at a short video of In the Face of It from the Otis Artist Book Collection.

Dedicated to the memory of Elizabeth Sanchez (1927-2005).



Poems from In the Face of It

When Elizabeth had died, Gene told me about two stars
observed rotating in tandem. They spun in perfect symmetry,
one around the other, but their locked orbits became unstable,
and the stars swing wildly out of control. One star was sucked into a black hole, and the other was flung deep into space.
I know Gene identified with one of the stars, but I couldn't
begin to imagine which.

Shards of pottery blanket the gopher mounds in the orchard:
white stoneware, Blue Willow china, broken bits of carnival
glass. I've found cup handles, crockery, bear's teeth and oyster
shells; an obsedian scraper and the bones from a man's hand.
The gophers burrow through the earth as if it was a churning
sea, and the dead and the things they cherished do not rest easy.

I once found a smooth, round stone, and I carried it in my
pocket. If I'd believed in luck, I would have carried it for
luck, but all I wanted then was ballast, something dense and
durable—the weight of the world. This morning, after a hard
rain, a bird is singing in the ferns below the house. Little wren,
my stone, I would sail you across the sky.

Copyright © 2013 Gary Young - All rights reserved.