Resonating with humor, pathos and searing intelligence, My Gargantuan Desire is preoccupied in the deepest sense with mortality and the epic nature of our seemingly mundane lives. Whether parsing the intricate syntax of a marriage or teasing out the mysteries of the human brain, each poem in this masterful collection is mythic in scope but obstinately down-to-earth. In language rich and haunting, these poems reveal the heroic grandeur of our ordinary, blessed lives.

Thoughts on My Gargantuan Desire:

Brad Crenshaw's formally paradoxical prose sonnets combine wild control and wacky gravity, clinical description and lyric incantation, story and song, memory and vision. His book lives up to its Rabelaisian title with abundant energy, sensory richness, and extravagant wit.

As if readying specimens for dissection, Brad Crenshaw directly exposes his brain and heart to the bright light of the page. He says, here are the tangible parts of desire and anguish, this is what I know and I am not satisfied; what more can be done? As a reader I want with a kind of desperation to come to his rescue and yet feel guided, by his bravery and intelligence, to see this difficulty in all our lives. He pleads, I have obscenely fingered the lewd essential privacies, and implies that, even so, the tempting and painful mysteries remain. His range of embarrassment, humor, brilliance and befuddled wonder leaves a complex taste which will not fade. It took guts to write these poems.

What drives us further is something truly unique to us. "My Gargantuan Desire" is a collection of poetry from Brad Crenshaw on the subject of who we are and what pushes us further. drawing on the various mythologies of the world to gain a more clear understanding of it all, "My Gargantuan Desire" is a fine pick of poetry and is not to be missed.

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