This new edition of Unselected Poems gathers the poems left out of Selected Poems and New Selected Poems.

Thoughts on Unselected Poems:

I really think he is extraordinary, a visionary of our dense, troubled, mysterious times. The grittiest and most brutal of his poems I would not hesitate to call ineffable.

For over thirty years now readers of contemporary poetry have known Philip Levine's work for its elegiac narrative, its forceful rhythms and rhetoric, and its Vivas praising the dignity of the human spirit. With Unselected Poems, he rescues many of his best earlier poems and offers a selection of stunning new and uncollected work.

His poems are about endurance in all its senses, and that is their affirmation. They are about the kind of courage people have when courage fails. In short, they are such poems as possess, beyond their technical strength and emotional urgency, a kind of necessity: whatever it is the truth must exist—for all our sakes. Levine is one of the few poets with clarity of mind and strength of heart to make it exist and certify it relentlessly.

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